UGA PD Empathy Training

Helping police ineract with survivors in a trauma informed way

Our Clients


The project

The UGA Police Department and the UGA School of Social Work are partnering to create a training program for patrol officers that will teach them how to interact with survivors of sexual assault in a trauma informed way. The project aims to help officers build rapport with survivors and encourage them to continue the reporting process by building up their crisis intervention skills.

Both UGA Police and our clients at the School of Social Work have expressed interest in a training program that is...

Web based

Most officers are currently being trained in person on sexual assault trauma assistance. Although this training method is very effective, our clients have expressed the need for a course that can be taken on a computer during work hours.

Always accessible

Our clients want the training to be flexible in terms of when officers can complete it. An online training program ensures that they can pick up and leave off wherever they need to without losing progress.



Research shows that interactive learning is more effective and facilitates better learning outcomes than simply reading a paragraph or watching a video. UGA police want a training program that acticely engages its officers to ensure that they retain the information for when it matters.


Thought provoking

Our clients at the school of social work want to stress the fact that every survior interaction should not be approached the same way, becuase every person responds differently to trauma. The training aims to challenge officers to think critically about their approach by presenting them with real life scenarios and prompting them to make choices.

Our Team

Lead Tech Director

Luke Thornton

Luke is graduating with a BSA in Agricultural Communication and New Media Certificate. He is currently searching for a marketing or communications position within the Agricultural Industry.

Strategist / Co-Creative Director

Dana Lam

Dana Lam is graduating with an A. B. in Advertising and New Media Certificate. She will be working as a Strategy Intern for Goodby, Silverstein and Partners.


Chief Research Officer

Jillyan Gillard

Jillyan is a first generational student and is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in both journalism and Women’s Studies while receiving a new media certificate. Jillyan is pursuing her passion for storytelling and helping others in which she plans to write, and produce content as a digital producer, while also starting her own business.

Project Manager / Co-Creative Director

Mackenzie Schmidt

Mackenzie is an advertising and new media student looking to pursue a challenging yet rewarding experience in a creative environment where her skills and fresh perspective will contribute to the success of the company. She hopes to work in the field of content creation, social media, or project management, to progress her personal skills as an advertiser.

Chief Videographer / Web Developer

Brian Cafferty

Brian is graduating in 2019 with a B.A. in Journalism and a certificate in New Media. His primary skills are filming, editing video, multiplatform storytelling, and web design. Post grad he plans to work in either video production or communications.

Our Work

Installation and Usage

The Adapt Authoring Tool will need to be installed on a server that is controlled by UGA. The installation instructions can be downloaded here: Installation.pdf

This is the video tutorial for using the Adapt Authoring Tool.

The course materials that have already been created can be imported into the Authoring Tool using this file: Module 1 Export

The UGA theme can be be installed in the Authoring Tool using this file: Adapt UGA Theme